Practical Test

The practical driving test is designed to make sure you can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions and can demonstrate your knowledge of the Highway Code through your driving. The test lasts around 40 minutes and comprises of the following: 

Eyesight test: 

You will be asked to read a car number plate from 20 metres (20.5m if an old-style plate) - if you cannot manage this after two attempts the test will not go ahead. 

Show Me - Tell Me: 

Answer two questions about carrying out vehicle safety checks, failure on one or both will result in a minor fault. Click here to download our 'Show Me - Tell me' questions. 


Perform one of these...

10 minutes independent drive: 

You’ll be asked to follow a map or the signs to a specified destination. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop. Your general driving ability will be assessed throughout the test. Throughout, you should drive in the way your instructor has taught you. If you make a mistake, don't worry about it as it might be a less serious driving fault and may not affect your result. However, if at any time your examiner considers your driving to be a danger to other road users your test will be stopped.